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Spencer’s Favorite Homemade Dog Treats

There’s no denying it. Spencer loves treats. The word ‘cookie’ is enough to wake him from a dead sleep. But with recalls, unpronounceable ingredients, and the dreaded fillers and by-products out there, it’s hard to find something healthy that he actually likes. I’ve gone through all the categories – grain free, holistic, organic, limited ingredient, Made is USA only. One vet is recommending you stay away from anything with beef while another says to go for any kind of fish. It’s confusing, frustrating, and can be very scary.

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5 Simple Steps to Get More Done // Maddy Creates

5 Simple Steps to Get More Done



Happy New Year! It seems like the past year has flown by. I’m excited to have an entire new year to plan, organize, and create. It’s time for planning content, taking photos, upgrading products, and getting things done. I’m being completely honest when I say being productive isn’t one of my strong suites. I get distracted. Easily. It’s a family trait to move from one project to another without ever actually getting anything done. But with some practice I’ve been learning to better manage my time, attention span, and tasks to get more done effectively. Continue Reading

The Written Word

Let’s Create Something

Hello. A wise man once said, “All good things start somewhere small.” That’s where we are right now. Small, uneventful. But it’s a start.

I sound so philosophical, right? I’m really not all that enlightened. I’m a 20-something who enjoys simply things. A self-proclaimed introvert who thrives off renovating, organizing, and Netflix. I live just outside of Detroit in a quaint (read: small and in serious need of said renovations) bungalow. I like making banana bread and playing with my dogs. But I love creating things.

It can be something simple, like a glittered tea light votive. Or it can be something more complex, like a genuine connection with people. I like making old things new again. I like reinventing everything I can get my hands on. I like collecting glass things and scrap wood. I like unique things. I like having a vision. And I like inspiring others to do the same.

I encourage you to get to know me. Challenge me. Ask questions, make requests. Comment, share, pour your heart out. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Bloglovin’. We’ll have a newsletter and the option to subscribe to posts via email soon.

I bet you’re wondering what to expect. Well, I have my first 3 months of content ready to go, and I want you to be excited. We’ll be talking DIY projects, furniture renovations, beauty, organization, quick kitchen tips, and even pets. There will be spray paint, wall paper, home made dog treats, product reviews, and lots of planners.

Starting in March I will also be hosting a weekly blog series regarding practical prepping. This is not your crazy neighbor’s gun collection; it’s just practical things you can do for cheap to prepare for the worst.